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KHARAFI (AL) Bader , CEO , Al Kharafi Group

CEO , Al Kharafi Group
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INDUSTRY / SECTOR: Conglomerate, IT, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Services
COMPANY: Al Kharafi Group

“Bader Al Kharafi and his family run an $8 billion conglome- rate engaged in everything from construction to telecom to manufacturing. Although he was destined eventually to take over the family business, following his graduation as a mechanical engineer he first went to work for the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). Once he joined the Al Kharafi Group, he gradually moved from the manufacturing side of the business to work within the investment and financial functions of the group. From then on, his career took off, earning him accolades for achievements working with a number of prominent companies in the region, including Gulf Cable Company, Zain Telecom, and Gulf Bank.”

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