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Created in Paris in 2002, OMNIA is the first French independent advisory and networking agency specialized in the Middle East, Levant countries, and Maghreb.

In the years since, the company has seen its business grow in the countries around the Persian Gulf. OMNIA has developed a unique expertise in the region, now tightly woven into the networks of influence of the political and economic leaders with whom the company has worked for many years.

Today, OMNIA has become a key player in the fields of strategic advisory and institutional relations, and an influencer in the field of business communication, in France and internationally.

The company also offers innovative communication products and tailored media solutions for private clients and foreign governments.


Imagine, Dare, Succeed

OMNIA is a French company taking French savoir-faire to the international stage. Our rigorousness, our methods, our refined approach, and our solutions of the highest quality have given us the recognition, respect and confidence of our clients. Its core values – competence, loyalty, discretion, transparency, and opennessenable the company to develop very strong relationships with its clients.

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For many years years our expertise in numerous foreign markets has been our strength.

Loyal to the entrepreneurial spirit that created it, OMNIA unites far reaching vision with speed of action for a single purpose: stay ahead of tomorrow’s trends. To achieve this, OMNIA can count on the quality of its teams and the strength of its values: the imagination to create, the audacity to dare, the will to succeed.



Chairman and Founder

After earning her diploma in 1993 at the Toulouse Business School (TBS), Ms. Palau joined the AFA Press Group in Madrid in 1995 and became director of editorial projects in numerous countries. In 1999 she became head of the Middle East division within Impact Media Group, based in London. In 2002, she created OMNIA International in Paris.

Her knowledge of international geopolitics has made her voice heard by many economic leaders and governments. Visionary and polyglot, today she leads one of the best integrated media and business matchmaker organizations in the countries around the Persian Gulf. She is the goto contact for business networking and business matchmaking in the Middle East.



In 2006, Omnia became a publisher under the brand LPC (Leaders Publishing Corporation) and produced the Leaders series.

These publications list, alphabetically and by country, detailed profiles and professional biographies of the most infuential men and women in political, diplomatic, economic, social and cultural affairs.

To date we have compiled more than 500 biographies of men and women with world recognition of their talents and accomplishments in their fields.

These unique biographical works allow many business owners wishing to expand their activities into foreign markets access to up to date and complete information of local representatives.

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