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Coaching and Training: Improving your skills to lead

Executive Mentoring

Executive mentoring is a powerful form of professional development. A mentor acts as a valuable and impartial sounding board as well as sharing insight based on their long experience. They can help executives to approach complex problems, manage difficult situations, and set and achieve ambitious goals. A successful role model can also impart the necessary skills for achieving success and provide invaluable support during times of transition or challenge. 


Executive mentoring often deals with the broader backdrop of your life and career. It can help you work toward goals that are both immediate and long-term.

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Team Coaching

A high-performing team is efficient, collaborative, creative, and a force to be reckoned with. To achieve this, a sense of trust and mutual respect is essential, as well as focus, accountability and a clear line of sight to business goals. 

Our coaches help to:

  • create a unified and effective team culture, where everyone feels heard and respected

  • develop a collaborative environment

  • increase communication and problem-solving skills

  • set clear expectations and objectives

Our coaches have long experience of working with teams and can pinpoint areas of improvement and development to increase productivity, motivation, problem-solving ability and morale.

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Leadership Development

Our programmes are designed to equip leaders and future leaders with the knowledge, skills and confidence to excel in their current roles and step up into bigger roles.

Each programme is bespoke and delivered as stand-alone modules or integrated into wider development initiatives such as projects, team challenges and coaching.


What mentoring can do?

  • Suggest Different Practical Approaches

  • Clarify Thinking

  • Help Navigate Corporate Politics

  • Challenge Your ‘Route To Goal’

  • Prepare You For Challenges

  • Help Deal With Change And Ambiguity

  • Envision And Help Shape An Organisation

  • Be An Effective Sounding Board

Our prestigious group of mentors have all successfully led large functional teams and sat at the top table of multinational, global organisations. 


They are both functional experts and corporate captains who now make time to share their wisdom, experience and insight via personalised mentoring programmes.


Our mentors span a wide range of functional areas, from finance to risk, from strategy to customer, from HR to marketing and a wide range of other sectors.

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Team Coaching Sessions

The diversity, experience, and characters within every team creates a unique dynamic. Our support is bespoke based on the needs of the individuals and collective group and may involve a blend of group and individual coaching such as:

  • A session with the Executive Team to understand the team’s perspective

  • 1:1 sessions with each member of the Executive team to understand their individual perspective and experience

  • Group Coaching to raise collective awareness and develop insight in team dynamics, structure and culture


Leadership Development Programs

  • Developing leader as coach

  • Managing emotions through Emotional Intelligence

  • Creating an inclusive culture

  • Executive presence

  • Leading change

  • Trust and psychological safety

  • Strategic leadership

  • Leading with impact

  • Customer focus

  • Leading virtual teams

  • Resilience

  • Building an engagement culture

  • Influencing and stakeholder engagement

  • Living the values

  • Leading under pressure

  • Collaboration

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