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Created in Paris in 2002, OMNIA is the first French independent advisory and networking agency specialized in the Middle East, Levant countries, and Maghreb.

In the years since, the company has seen its business grow in the countries around the Persian Gulf. OMNIA has developed a unique expertise in the region, now tightly woven into the networks of influence of the political and economic leaders with whom the company has worked for many years.
Today, OMNIA has become a key player in the fields of strategic advisory and institutional relations, and an influencer in the field of business communication, in France and internationally.

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Advisory and Business Matchmaking

With in-depth experience of Asian and Middle Eastern markets gathered over the years, OMNIA has developed a dedicated consulting and advisory services division.

Our network in France, and internationally, is unique and confidential. It consists of an exclusive group of French and Arab economic and political leaders.
OMNIA has been recognised for many years for its exceptional knowledge of Middle East markets, its understanding of local networks, and its local business approach and savoir-faire.
OMNIA provides its expertise in these markets and offers solutions to any company or investor wishing to move into
these areas and/or to liaise with a local partner. Conversely, it can help Arab companies to enter the French market the same way.

Our Services

Market studies

-  Local, regional sector analysis

-  Economic climate and country risk assessment

-  Investment opportunities research and selection

-  Advisory planning

-  Access to the local economic movers

-  Shakers through our confidential network

-  Local “most suitable partner” identification

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Geographical area of Expertise

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq, Iran

Levant Countries

Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt


Algeria, Morroco and Tunisia


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