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Alkhorayef, Abdallah Ibrahim , CEO, AlKhorayef Commercial

CEO AlKhorayef Commercial
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INDUSTRY / SECTOR: Consumer Goods
COMPANY: AlKhorayef Commercial

« One of the key achievements of Alkhorayef Commercial was starting its own generator assembly shop, which is now a 3,000 square meter facility and one of the top three recognized brands in its field in the Middle East. The company provides a wide range of high quality, ISO-certified generators to suit different requirements. In 2019, after 14 months of intense negotiations, Alkhorayef Commercial secured the largest single deal in the Middle East for agricultural systems, worth over $65 million, with Alkhorayef Company in Egypt. As a result, Alkhorayef will provide 1,000 pivot systems to a new farm that will soon be entered into in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest sugar beet farm in the world. »

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