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ALYOUSEF Jamal , Lawyer & Managing Director , Dar Al Hikma Law Firm

Lawyer & Managing Director , Dar Al Hikma Law Firm
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INDUSTRY / SECTOR: Law Firm, Audit, Advisory Bodies
COMPANY: Dar Al Hikma Law Firm
POSITION: Lawyer & Managing Director
SECTOR: Law firm, Audit, Advisory Bodies

“Jamal Al Yousef, the founder of Dar Al Hikma Law Firm, is a highly regarded lawyer in Kuwait. After completing his studies, and he worked as a Prosecutor of General Administration of Kuwaiti Investigations for 15 years before establishing his own private office.A member of the Kuwaiti Bar Association since 1989, Mr. Al Yousef is also a member of the Association’s Human Rights Committee. According to Mr. Al Yousef, the law in Kuwait is based on the French system, except for civil and family matters (inheritance, divorce, marriage), which are governed by Sharia law.”

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