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ALTURKI Bandar , General Manager Central Region Samaco

General Manager Central Region Samaco
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POSITION: General Manager Central Region
SECTOR: Transport

" On January 1st 1999, Bandar Al Turki received a phone call that changed his life. He had just retur- ned to the Kingdom after receiving his MBA degree and was trying to decide which business he wan- ted to join. The call was from his eldest uncle, appointing him as general manager of the com- pany in Riyadh. Not only was the decision made for him, but it was one he hadn’t dreamt of taking so soon after earning his degree.
Mr. Al Turki took the opportunity to apply some of his personal philosophy to the family car sales business and quickly had his vision clear. “People want headache-free relationships with their cars. We have to get closer to our clients, and provide solutions for them,” he would argue to the board when asking for large budgets to accomplish his goals.
Samaco was already the exclusive distributor for Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen in Saudi Arabia, but sales were stagnating. Mr. Al Turki decided that the first headache he would cure for his clients would be service. “I expanded our opera- tion from one to seven facilities in Riyadh. Specialisation was the secret. We applied it to all our business practices and created standalone faci- lities for each brand "

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