ALIREZA Zainal Khalid A. Y. , CEO Xenel Group

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INDUSTRY / SECTOR: Conglomerates , Manufacturing , Construction , Food & Beverages , Health Care , IT, Leisure & Tourism , Energy , Real Estate , Services , Transport 
COMPANY: Xenel Group
SECTOR: Conglomerates
SECTOR: Manufacturing
SECTOR: Construction
SECTOR: Food & Beverages
SECTOR: Health Care
SECTOR: Leisure & Tourism

Xenel is at the center of a group of companies created with a shared vision of achieving sustainable growth and bridging between the developed and less developed world.The entities range from USA-based locations in the West, through the center of operations in Saudi Arabia to Pakistan in the East. Its vision is to deliver economic growth by combining know-how with investment and delivering into emerging economies. In over its 30-year history as a family business, the Xenel Group has expanded its purview to include petrochemical, infrastructure, construction, energy, healthcare, trade, transport and logistics, IT and real estate.

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