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ABU ISSA Issa Abdul Salam , Salam International Investments Chairman & CEO

Salam International Investments Chairman & CEO
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INDUSTRY / SECTOR: Financial Services
COMPANY: Salam International Investments
POSITION: Chairman & CEO

" Without a doubt of a blink, Issa Abu Issa decided it was high time to re-organize the whole structure of the company and to transform the Doha-based family business.“You lose control when you grow. You can't afford to make mistakes. The oppor- tunities are there but you have to be able to tap them, and for that we needed to restructure our entire operations. With the economy booming in Qatar and the entrance of bigger com- panies it is the small companies that can suffer. The cake is getting bigger, probably three or four times bigger, but it is good enough only to feed the local players. With outsiders coming in, our cake is getting spoiled.”

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